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Bebi Zabeeda

Bebi's paintings are a playful exploration of acrylics on canvas. With layers of glazing and a smoothness achieved using a wet palette, her techniques provide depth in light and colour. Nature-inspired, a piece of  original art is considered ready, when the end result is lively, yet tranquil.

A self-taught artist, Bebi was designing and creating long before becoming a visual artist; her soft-sculpted creations were sold through Toronto's One Of A Kind show and the American Folk Art Museum from 1996 - 2004.

Although the untamed landscape of Guyana nurtured her childhood years, this retired biologist has made her home in the Niagara Peninsula for much of her life. Her most recent art project focuses on the wildflowers of this therapeutic space, highlighting their beauty and resilience. When Bebi is not painting, she teaches classes; art and yoga. 

A selection of Bebi's art can be purchased at local gallery, Art Space 106 in Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

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